Why Hire Armed Security Guard Services?

Business Management and Police are not there all the time to protect the property.  Security services increase property values several ways:

  • Safety and Security for Families
  • Reduction/Prevention of Vandalism and Burglary
  • Suppression of Violent Gang Activity

Security Services make your home or office a better place to live and work:

  • Increased property values allow for higher rents.
  • Civil Standby's for Workplace Termination makes the office safer for Management and Employees.




Noise Complaints



Parking Enforcement


  Public Intoxication  

  Community Nuisance   

  Welfare Check  

Civil Standby

Eviction Notices

Special Event Security Officers

CALTAC Security Officers reliably and professionally provide security services that blend seamlessly with your event or company operations.

Weddings - Graduation - Birthday - ​Retirement - Office Parties 

Armed Security Patrol

Residential, Commercial

Commercial Property Protection

Nightly patrol of your property to protect your company assets while you are away.  Armed Security Patrol Officers with the confidence and the equipment to allow them to "go places you wouldn't go" especially at night.

Electronic Reporting

GPS Technology

Photos, Video

Residential Patrol Officers 

Armed Security Officers combine  Vehicle Patrol with Foot Patrol for Maximum Effectiveness to Deter, Detect, Delay and Deny crime.  Common Tactics used by Private Security Officers include a Vehicle Patrol of the parking lot and outer perimeter followed by a stealthy Foot Patrol of the inside of the complex.

Law Enforcement Style Security that Blends with your Organization's Goals!

Armed Security Patrol Officers

CALTAC Security Armed Patrol Officers for Roseville, Sacramento