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The cost of shoplifting in some Retail Stores is so high that hiring professionals to handle the problem is more cost-effective than allowing the problem to persist.  Hiring outside Loss Prevention Agents mitigates the risk to the retailer, and keeps employees safer.  Until shoplifters are met face-to-face with Law Enforcement, their actions will continue.

Internal theft by Employees is reduced or eliminated.  Employees are handled according to store policy.

Store Management has three main areas of concern:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Store Conditions

​Theft occurs in all three of these areas.  Loss Prevention Agents provide a service worth having in order to maintain maximum profit margins .

Loss Prevention
Protection of the Profit Margin

Professional Loss Prevention Agents handle shoplifters safely and effectively all the time.  Being discreet yet effective keeps customers from being disturbed as Loss Prevention agents arrest, interview, process and issue a non-return trespass warning. 

Loss Prevention Agents

On the Camera, and On the Sales Floor

Law Enforcement Style Security that Blends with your Organization's Goals!

Armed Security Patrol Officers

CALTAC Security Armed Patrol Officers for Roseville, Sacramento